Professional Laser Hair Removal Devices for All Skin Types.
Image of Alma Soprano ICE Platinum 808 Diode Laser

Alma Soprano ICE Platinum 808 Diode Laser


About the Machine

Widely used in salons, spas, and laser clinics.
High quality, Germany DILAS imported. 200 million laser shots with golden welding.
Various levels of laser power: 300W 500W 600W 800W 1000W 1200W, 6bars 10basr 12bars
Double water filters to save maintenance cost. Change required only after every 6 months.
Water pumps imported from Italy. Better cooling system with less noise.
Higher and more stable water supply output. 6-way and 4-way options.
TEC cooling system to control the water temperature at 26-28 degrees. This keep the machine running for 24 hours at the ideal temp.
Options for single 08 wave, 755nm 1064nm double and triple wave.
USA imported handpiece connector.

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Laser hair removal treatment areas: cheek, back, neck, auxillary, chest, bikini line, arm, legs.
High energy, no pigmentation. Suitable for all types of hair.
Long laser width for more effective laser penetration. Permanent hair removal.
Skin sensor cooling system for client comfort. Painless treatments.
Best thermostatic cooling system. Self-checking and auto protection for stability.
Strong sapphire touch cooling system.
Large spot size for speedy treatments and efficiency.
Power designed for import and export.

Model - Display system
KM300D - 8.4 inch Color microcomputer touch screen
Laser Type - High power Diode laser 600W/10bars
Wavelength - 755nm 808nm 1064nm
Power - 2000W
Frequency - 1-10HZ
Fluence - 120J/cm2 180J/cm2(Optional)
Pulse Duration - 5~ 650ms (Optional)
Mode - SP TP MP
Spot size - 10*10 &12*12& 10*18& 12*20 &15*27mm
Cooling system - TEC+Sapphire contact cooling style+air+semi-conductor
Crystal temperature - -10~5°C
Power requirement - AC220V/110V 50~60Hz
Languages - English, German,Spanish,Italian,Portuguese,Russian,Turkish,French