• Image of SCR091LP - Spectres - 'Dead' 2LP

The songs from Spectres' hugely acclaimed debut album 'Dying' as killed by Mogwai, Factory Floor, Hookworms, Richard Fearless (Death In Vegas), Andy Bell (Ride), Robert Hampson (Loop) and many more.

Limited-edition double vinyl pressing in a screen-printed PVC sleeve. Comes with a free Bandcamp download.

1. Drag (Vision Fortune)
2. Where Flies Sleep (Jah Hatt Fears Spectres)
3. The Sky Of All Places (Hookworms)
4. Family (Oliver Wilde)

1. This Purgatory (Blood Music)
2. Mirror (Giant Swan)
3. Blood In The Cups (Dominic Mitchison)

1. Sink (Factory Floor)
2. Lump (Gramrcy)
3. Sea Of Trees (Richard Fearless)

1. Mirror (Robert Hampson)
2. Sea Of Trees (Andy Bell)
3. This Purgatory (Stuart Braithwaite - Mogwai)